Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Satu Baris

Mana mampu ku tulis sajak se-baris buatmu.


Dare to be with you,
Foresee the bright future,
Illusion of greatest victory,
Cliché of childhood memory.

Hopeless to jobless,
rather be the less.

The sun and the moon keep changing,
Broken song kept repeating,
In this broken heart,
Wrought by the heartless.

If this tree could talk,
It will be the priest,
If the grass can clap,
They will be the audience.

Dare to be with you,
Is the biggest mistake ever.


Something crept behind,
Neither you or them,
Can't resist to stop it,
As time kept moving.

Don't know what to look at,
Don't know what to look for,

It's just our memory,
Following me,
Remembering me,
The beauty of victory,
Being love by the one you choose.

The voice of past,
The voice of blast.

Records play,
Still stay,
Playing the game,
Create in the name of revenge.