Sunday, April 17, 2011

Music Can Change The World

We know what we hear.
We do what we want.
We care what we see.
We change when we touched.
We care bout the other.

Same Medium.Same passion.

Same mission. Same vision.


Ideology and Methodology.
Difference color difference idea.
Stick to the ONE.
So Do I.
Same with the others.

Has been touched when watched BECK anime.
Song can change everything. Power of MUSIC itself. 

The music was way too powerful - Julian Casablancas

If you think we have the same idea and same vision.
You check the Playing For Change.
A group that believe in the power of Music. The Power that can change this whole world.

Check out their playing Stand By Me


tulisanksatria said...

and life feels empty without music :)

Ń¼dakulalaŃ¼ said...

yurp! an empty heart.
music can hear your soul.